Youth Firefighter Training Program (YFTP)

YFTP  Newswire:

The Youth Firefighter Training Program is recruiting for this years class.Applications must be submitted before Sunday Feb 3, 2013.  The program will start Tuesday Feb 5, 2013. 


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What is the Youth Firefighter Training Program of the Grand Falls Windsor Fire Department ?

The youth firefighter training program is a program for high school students offered by members of the fire department. Students in Grade 11 and 12 are recruited and given basic training in fire safety, fire fighting, and  first Aid.

The program runs for 12-15 weeks with one training per week plus special activities. During the program students learn about the chemistry and behavior of fire, use and maintenance of self-contained breathing apparatus, firefighter safety, fire extinguishers, fire attack, search and rescue, rescue over ladders, aerial ladder operation, hose loads and advances. During the program students can also get certified in first aid and Basic Life Support (CPR) if they wish.

The program concludes with a full day on the fire department training ground doing actual simulations in the smoke house and the training tower. Other special events include firefighting theme wake-a-thon fundraiser, car washes, and fundraisers for Muscular Dystrophy.

At the end of the of the program there is a graduation ceremony where completion certificates are presented along with special awards.

There are also many benefits to this program, such has an increased awareness of the importance of safety, and teamwork, and how to work and function has a team, and many more.

The Youth Firefighter Training Program originated in 1987 and has since graduated over 450 high schools students since its inception.  Throughout the 12-15 week program, students learn about fire and fire prevention, they get an extensive hands on experience with the trucks and the life saving equipment.  Students have the opportunity to make new friends, and learn valuable skills that will last their entire lives, and help them in the future.  It builds team work, friendships, and is a whole lot of fun in the process.

It starts in February of each year, and runs until early June.  It is a free course and comes very highly recommended by all students who have taken it.  The funding for the program comes from car washes, and sponsors for a wake-a-thon.

Over the years, the Youth Firefighters helped raise over $2000 for the Muscular Dystrophy Canada.  They achieved this by holding a "boot" drive at the local mall and other stores.

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